Lego-Like Pre-assembled Metal Stud Steel Framing

Cut 75% Framing Time & 50% Framing Labor Cost
Metal Wall

Benefits of Pre-assembled Framing

Best Suited for Following Projects:

Pre-assembled Metal Stud Framing System
Saving Time & Money Across Country for...

Coming Soon... Gen 2 Panels

More pre-installed rough trades in the panels,
Save MORE time on site, Save MORE Labor Cost on site, finish projects FASTER!


GEN-2 Panels will further cut down labor cost & time for construction on the job-site:

Pre-installed Rough Plumbing

Cut 60% onsite Labor

Pre-installed Rough Electricals

Cut 80% onsite Labor

Pre-installed Exterior Sheathing

Cut 100% onsite Labor

Pre-installed Insulation

Cut 100% onsite Labor

Pre-installed Exterior Waterproofing

Cut 100% onsite Labor

Pre-installed Windows

Cut 100% onsite Labor

“Panelization is the future of Home Building.”


“Panelization: A step towards increased Efficiency in Homebuilding.”

-US Department of Housing & Urban Development

“Panelized Building Systems builds energy efficient homes in less time. Quality construction, Saves Time, Saves Money.”

-NAHB - National Association of Home Builders

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