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Home Kit

Building Tomorrow, Today: The Future of Prefab Homes

Standard Features

All of the home, none of the hassle

Steel Walls

Steel Framed Walls & Trusses

Exterior Sheathing

Exterior Wall & Roof Sheathing

Rough Plumbing

Rough Pre-run Plumbing

Electric homes

Rough Pre-run Electrical

Roof Trusses

Insulated Walls & Roofs

waterproofing layer

Waterproofing Layer Installed

Why Choose Us?

Your Vision, Our Expertise

Clash Free steel panel

Clash-Free steel Panels

  • The panel design process includes Clash Detection.

  • Identifies gaps/clashes in software before manufacturing.

  • Resolves identified clashes and prepare Clash free 3D model.

  • Preparing 100% coordinated Field Execution Plans/ Shop drawings.

  • Resulting in Zero-decision making on-site and no band-aid decisions.

Lego Like Erection Sequence

  • Comes with erection sequences/Virtual Framing Guidelines.

  • The panels are labeled for easy identification and positioning.

  • Easy-to-understand instructions for assembling & screwing.

  • Alignment guides for pre-plumbing, electrical, HVAC, doors, and windows to ensure Error-Proof Execution.

Lego Like Erection sequence
In-House Services

In-House Services

  • Structural Engineering and Permitting for Steel (HRS+LGS)

  • Steel Panel Fabrication (All necessary components) and Shipping.

  • Provide framing and PMC services (Mobile app with Erection sequencing manual)

  • Panels integrated with Pre-plumbing, Cut-outs for Electrical, HVAC, Doors, and windows.

  • Clash-Free 3D Modeling (BIM).

  • Prepare Shop drawings and Lego-Like Erection Sequencing for Panels.

Delivery & Support

We provide following 3 types support as follows:

Mobile App

Free & Included:

  • Step-By-Step Erection Sequence
  • Online & Phone support between 7am to 3pm
Supervisor & Crane Rental

We can send:

  • A Supervisor
  • A Crane rental
  • A Supervisor and Crane Rental
Framing Crew

Framing Labor available on request

We currently ship in California, Texas and Florida

Panel Delivery

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