Pre-assembled Lego-Like Metal Framing System

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Lego like Easy to Install

Lego Like Erection Sequence

Structural Plan

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Component delivered

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High Quality 50 Years Warranty

No damage to panels

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Steel Framing Solutions
Now in 2 Delivery Options:

1. Un-Assembled

2. Pre-Assembled

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Livio Metal Walls vs. Traditional Metal Stud Framing

Cut Framing Time By 75%

  • We provide pre-assembled metal stud walls to your site. You will not need cut and stack individual studs and tracks on job site and finish projects faster.
  • Highly experienced in-house manufacturing and panel assembly team working in a controlled factory set up for utmost precision and quality.
Cut Framing Time BY 75%
Cut Construction Cost upto 25%

Cut Construction Cost Upto 50%

  • Quicker Installation & Erection of steel panels help reduce the building timeline.
  • Panels are labeled to identify modules faster on the site.
  • Avoid delays due to bad weather.
  • Custom Engineering & Pre-assembled reduces the chances of on-site errors.

Lego- Like Erection Sequence

  • Comes with Step by step installation instructions.
  • The panels are labeled for easy identification and positioning.
  • Easy-to-understand instructions for assembling & screwing.
  • Alignment guides for pre-plumbing, electrical, HVAC, doors, and windows to reduce errors in execution.
Lego- Like Erection sequence
Clash Free steel panel

Clash-Free Steel Panels

  • The panel design process includes Clash Detection.
  • Identifies gaps/clashes in software before manufacturing.
  • Resolves identified clashes and prepare Clash free 3D model.
  • Preparing 100% coordinated Field Execution Plans/ Shop drawings.
  • Resulting in Zero-decision making on-site and no band-aid decisions.

Complete Metal Framing Package

Pre-assembled Cold Formed Steel + Structural Hot Rolled Steel

Panelized Cold Formed Steel
Structural Hot Rolled Steel


  • Walls with openings
  • Sub-floor framing
  • Roof framing
  • Connectors (Metal L and Metal sheet plate only)
  • Standard Pre-Punched Holes for electrical and plumbing.
  • Lego-like erection sequence for onsite installation.
  • Free mobile app support for erection sequence.
  • All steel material will be as per structural plans.
  • Free phone support


  • On-site installation.
  • OSB or any Steel Sheathing.
  • Any special connector
  • Simpson's or any other strong walls.
  • Staircase
  • Screws, holdowns, hangers etc
  • Warehouse / storage.
  • Any extra framing or backings for cabinetry, HVAC, ceiling drops etc.
  • MEP Engineering
  • Foundation design
  • Sales Tax

Installation Support

We provide following 3 types of framing installation support as follows:


Included Support
  • Step-By-Step Erection Sequence (Powered by- Livio Mobile App)
  • Online & Phone support between 7am to 3pm PST


Hourly Support
  • On-Site Framing Supervision
  • Crane rental
  • Crane Operator


All Inclusive
  • LumpSum Framing On-Site Installation Service

Powered by- Livio Mobile App

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