Frequently Asked Questions

The most common three are LGS buildings, red-iron buildings and tube frame buildings. Each has their particular benefits though LGS buildings far outweigh the other two systems for structures between 750 square feet and 20,000 square feet.

It's important to know what you're getting. For instance, if we gave you an estimate for $45,000 and another company gave you a quote for $39,000, you might draw certain assumptions without knowing the underlying cause of the difference.

It would make sense if the $39,000 quote came for a tube-frame structure, which has a 20-year warranty. Compare that to the 50-year warranty on the LGS buildings. Most people would agree that spending just $6,000 to guarantee an additional 30 years of use for your building is worthwhile.

We offer much more than just a space to store things, work, or play in our steel buildings. If allowed, our buildings significantly increase a property's worth on the majority of them. For instance, if the whole cost of the building project was $100,000 (concrete, installation, amenities, permitting, and building costs), you can typically increase the value of the property by around 2.5 times that amount. In the aforementioned example, you ultimately spend $100,000 to add $250,000 to the property's worth.

That is a really good question. Hot Rolled Steel (HRS) or Red iron structures are technically outdated constructions created using low-tech techniques. They are bulky in dimensions. Light gauge steel (LGS) structures are the most cutting-edge approach to a building system. By using LGS you get the most out of every square foot of steel used.

In most cases you will need to pull a building permit to build a steel building, but not always. For example, some locations do not require a permit to build agricultural buildings. It’s always good to check with your local permitting office! 

Our permitting and project management services will help you in acquiring permits.

Yes, We do provide installation services for all our projects.

All our buildings are custom designed to meet your specific needs. Share your building requirements with us here. Then sit back and relax, while we put together a proposal for you.

All LIVIO Buildings are strictly designed to comply with the building codes governing your site's location. We are a complete design, built and permitting solution company. We will take care of all local building codes.

LIVIO primarily serves the United States, however, we have delivered our buildings to.

Our buildings are designed on an individual basis. Therefore, estimated delivery times differ based on the complexity and size of your building.

In order to maintain competitive pricing and consistently deliver on time, LIVIO operates its own shipping and the cost is included in the pricing provided. LIVIO does not unload the trailer, therefore be sure to have sufficient manpower and equipment when our truck arrives.

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