Cut Framing + Stucco Labor Time & Cost by 75%

Pre-assembled Composite walls, floors and roofs

Insulated Panels (R5/R10)

2 hours fire resistance



high quality, meets all building codes

Building system for Rapid Construction

The Rapid Construction Building System - 75% Faster Framing!

Build a 2- story structure in Just 4.5 Hours

Stackable cubes

Stackable Cubes

Save precious space on job site with Livio cubes, stackable upto 3 stories

No delay finding panels

No Delay In Finding Panels

Panels loaded in Livio cubes as per erection sequence accessible on Livio mobile app

No damage to panels

No Damage To Panels

Safe, damage free delivery assured with Livio cubes

Faster unloading

Faster Unloading

Using patent pending packaging, unload a truck in less than 10 minutes on job-site

Why Choose Us?

Rapid Construction with LIVIO GEN 2.4 Composite Panels
Fire & Earthquake Resistant

Fire & Earthquake Resistant


Termite and Mold Free

High Quality

High Quality Factory Made


Less Wastage on Site

Technical support

Technical & Engineering Support

Highly affordable

Most Affordable Prices

Finish Ready Walls

Save On-site labor time & cost for finishing with exterior surface ready to apply waterproofing

2 hour fire rated

Panels have 2-Hour Fire-Rating as per Code.

No Damages To Panels

Safe, damage free delivery assured with LIVIO Cubes.

Structurally Superior

Composite walls have better shear capacity as compared to OSB/Steel sheathing

We can build any custom project

If you have project plans ready or still looking for an Architect/Contractor to start with, LIVIO is here to help!

Exterior wall panels

Roof & floor panels

Starting at $4,500 for 1Bed 1Bath House

Kits that fit every budget

Starting at $0.58/linear feet

We will beat all competitor pricing by 10% or more

Order with confidence

Most affordable Steel Studs & Tracks for your Project

Watch LIVE Demonstration of Rapid Construction (Single and Two Story Structures)

Home steel framing kits that fit every budget!

Choose from a wide range of Designs that suit your needs

Our Active Projects

Built with Livio’s Pre-assembled Steel Framing System across USA

Our Certifications

Can be used anywhere in the US


Building + Technology = BuildTech

We Keep Technology At The Center Of Our Operations

Pre-assembled Panel

Cost Effective Pre-assembled Panels

Livio Mobile App

Livio Mobile App For Lego-Like Erection Sequence

Faster Execution & Reduced Labor

Faster Execution & Reduced Labor

The Livio Edge


Livio's Pre-assembled Steel Framing System

Other Metal Framing Systems

Certified Steel & Manufacturing

UES Certified

Mostly Uncertified

Mobile App Support

No App support

Ease of Handling Panels

Cumbersome due to no proper packaging / labelling of panels.

3D Erection Sequence & Clash Detection

No sequencing provided, time taking to frame panels.

Panel Precision & Quality

NTPT (Never touch Panel Twice), Less than 0.5% Error

On-Site clash & error seen

Rate / Sq.ft.

Starting at $14.99 only

Pre-Assembled Metal Framing

Engineering & Design Support

Structural Engineering & Calculations, Stamped by PE. Fit for Permit Submission

Only basic Framing design provided


Real Stories, Real Impact

Council of advisor

Experienced in Steel Framing? Join Our Council of Advisors

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