Pre-assembled Framing Delivery Redefined

What is a LIVCube?

LIVCube is a patent pending proprietary design of a metal platform to house pre-assembled metal framing systems throughout the shipping time.

Advantages of LIVCubes

Stackable cubes

Stackable Cubes

Save precious space on job site with Livio cubes, stackable upto 3 stories

No delay finding panels

No Delay In Finding Panels

Panels loaded in Livio cubes as per erection sequence accessible on Livio mobile app

No damage to panels

No Damage To Panels

Safe, damage free delivery assured with Livio cubes

Faster unloading

Faster Unloading

Using patent pending packaging, unload a truck in less than 10 minutes on job-site

LIVCubes- Technology Driven Delivery

Preparation Of Clash-free 3D Framing Model

Automated Creation Of Lego-like Erection Sequence For Framers

Creation Of Container Loading Sequence

Optimize Storage Space Utilization & Design Of LIVCubes

Loading Of LIVCubes As Per Sequence In Shipping Containers

Unloading Of Panels At Livio Warehouse

Loading Into Flat Bed Trucks For Delivery To Job-site

Unloading LIVCubes Within Minutes On-site Using Crane

Our Certifications

Can be used anywhere in the US


Building + Technology = BuildTech

We Keep Technology At The Center Of Our Operations

Pre-assembled Panel

Cost Effective Pre-assembled Panels

Livio Mobile App

Livio Mobile App For Lego-Like Erection Sequence

Faster Execution & Reduced Labor

Faster Execution & Reduced Labor

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